Gonstead System of Chiropractic

This is how I adjust you. Gregory Plaugher, D.C. has practiced the Gonstead technique for 30 years. The Gonstead system involves taking a detailed history, examining thoroughly, arriving at a diagnosis and then implementing a specific plan for care.  (click for more info)

Balance Therapy

Dr. Plaugher, D.C. incorporates One Leg Standing Balance Exercises (OLSBE) as a primary rehabilitative strategy. OLSBE can be used to strengthen the core of the spinal column and for reducing habituated positions, for fall prevention in older adults, and to reduce postural deformities such scoliosis. (click for more info)

Primary Care

Offered in an alternative care model different from conventional medical, osteopathic, and surgical practices, although well integrated with these providers. By emphasizing musculoskeletal problems such as back pain, neck pain headaches, trauma, and arthritis, we address the most common ailments of humans. The clinic also addresses wellness issues by emphasizing weight-loss, strength and balance training, stretching for flexibility, and proper nutrition. (click for more info)

Infants and Children

Pediatric chiropractic is part of the general education of  a doctor of chiropractic. In California, chiropractic is a non-tiered profession, meaning there are no specialists. There is no such thing as a chiropractic pediatrician, however chiropractors take care of patients all ages. (click for more info)

Older Adults

Through an integrated approach, Dr. Plaugher DC cares for many older patients. They often have chronic diseases, complex and multiple health problems and are often taking many different medications. A comprehensive approach is often indicated and the clinic provides an alternative paradigm which doesn't include the use of drugs or surgery. (click for more info)


The clinic offers comprehensive joint care, muscle rehabilitation, and balance therapy. The goal is to achieve peak performance in your athletic endeavors.

Nutrition and Weight Loss

The clinic provides coaching and accountability, diet plans, and nutrition advice that is tailored to the individual needs of the patient. Our approach is comprehensive, dealing with the causes and using the best science to guide you in a safe and sustainable manner. (click for more info)

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