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One on one tutoring is available at the Gonstead Clinic in San Francisco and at your clinic for a fee (sliding scale, plus expenses such as travel). The Gonstead Finishing School is not accredited by WASC or CCE. Their

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The issues for enhancing Gonstead chiropractic education:
How to enhance the learning of adjusting skills and doctor skills in chiropractic college and not graduate with an enormous debt?
Online components to create teaching efficiencies.
Starting clinic early.
Multiple mentors and exposure to starting a practice/business 5 times. Earning income through patient care to defray tuition and living expenses.

For discussion:
7650 Hours over 6 academic years (4.5 calendar years). Clinic experience begins early in the first two years followed by rotations through 5 different satellite clinics (world-wide) offering a chance to begin a new practice 5 times with different clinical mentors. Office visits will be minimum ~2-3000. The student earns income through service to cover tuition and living expenses in the final 2.5 years.

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Textbook of Clinical Chiropractic

Textbook of Clinical Chiropractic: A Specific Biomechanical Approach, otherwise known as the "purple book", created in 1992 as a modern update to the Chapters (Gonstead Chiropractic Science and Art by Herbst RW). 525 pages, ~900 illustrations. It is published here for personal and educational use. It was originally copyrighted by Williams & Wilkins in 1993 and now is copyrighted by Gregory Plaugher. If you intend to use the book for commercial purposes you must request permission. (click for more info)


Call 415 412 5930 or email gregory.plaugher@gmail.com to arrange a seminar in your city or at your clinic.

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