Infants and Children

Pediatric chiropractic is part of the general education of  a doctor of chiropractic. In California, chiropractic is a non-tiered profession, meaning there are no specialists. There is no such thing as a chiropractic pediatrician, however chiropractors take care of patients all ages.

We care for pregnant patients but we do not deliver babies. After the child is born a doctor of chiropractic may examine and provide care for a newborn.


For further information on pediatric chiropractic I would suggest consulting Pediatric Chiropractic, 2nd ed. available through Amazon. I am an editor and contributing author to this 1200 page textbook. It has over 4,000 references. I have been adjusting babies and small children for 30 years using the Gonstead technique.


From the California code:

§302. Practice of Chiropractic.

 (3) Other than as explicitly set forth in section 10(b) of the Act, a duly licensed chiropractor

may treat any condition, disease, or injury in any patient, including a pregnant woman, and may

diagnose, so long as such treatment or diagnosis is done in a manner consistent with chiropractic methods and techniques and so long as such methods and treatment do not constitute the practice of medicine by exceeding the legal scope of chiropractic practice as set forth in this section.

 (4) A chiropractic license issued in the State of California does not authorize the holder


 (B) to deliver a human child or practice obstetrics;