Dietary issues for weight-loss and maintenance-consult first with your health care provider


A human has evolved to get up in the morning, walk 5 to 15 miles, and sometimes find food.


Skip breakfast….eat food in a 6-8 hour window of time and give your body a rest from food for 16-18 hours/day….plan B is 4 to 6 hours of eating and plan C is one meal per day.

Fasting and intermittent fasting is part of human evolution.


Eat a low to super low glycemic index diet.


Avoid grains such as wheat and rice, and fruit sugars/fruit.


There’s nothing for you to do…..don’t eat, when you feel like eating again, eat vegetables, if you’re still hungry then eat some seeds or meat.


Drink lots of water.


The weight-loss diet is the same as the low cancer diet is the same as the low allergy diet is the same as the long life diet is the same as the low inflammation diet. Similar to paleo/sears and atkins diets.


Modify diet depending on blood test results. Everyone responds differently and needs individual advice and follow-up.